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Top Ten Savasana Tracks
I am often asked about the music I sometimes play during relaxation – so here is a list of 10 of my favourite tracks to relax to.

Alignment in Asana – 10 Top Tips
Focussing on bodily alignment in yoga postures should never be done just to create a picture perfect shape. But good alignment minimises the risk of injury and ensures that the flow of prana is directed appropriately. Each asana has its own detailed alignment principles, but awareness of these ten key points should inform the practice of all asanas.

A Sequence for Travellers
On the road or just not able to get to your regular class? Try this short practice to keep your body and mind in shape. (To see the images in this document properly, you will need Yogafont: freely downloadable at

Yoga 24/7
Do you do yoga every day? Do I do yoga every day? Is yoga something which only happens on a yoga mat? What does it really mean to “do” yoga? Is yoga actually something you “do” at all?

So you Want to be a Yoga Teacher?
…but how do you decide which course to take? 10 tips on choosing a teacher training course that will suit your needs.

Lighting the Inner Fire
Fire was hugely important in ancient India. Read how we can harness its transformative energy in our practice of yoga asana, pranayama and meditation.

Solar Power – Yoga Style
The Gayatri mantra is one of the most often chanted mantras in the world. But what does it actually mean, why did it come to have such significance and how can it be interpreted on a deeper level?

The Elephant Headed Yogi

Statues of the rotund elephant headed Indian deity Ganesh are common in yoga studios – but what is his significance for yoga practitioners?