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Hello. I am Graham Burns. I am an English yoga teacher with over 20 years’ teaching experience, currently living in Portugal. I also help train yoga teachers, and offer a number of other yoga related services. I have a particular interest in yoga history and philosophy, in which I also have an academic background.

As well as regular online yoga classes, I offer:

Graham, Samana Yoga

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Why “samanayoga”? First, please let me say that I am not trying to create a new style of yoga or give “my” yoga a name. What I teach is yoga, no more and no less, as I have learned it from my teachers and my own studies and experience over the years. Samāna is a Sanskrit word for one of the 5 main ways in which prāna (life force, or energy) flows through our body. It is the centring energy flow, which governs digestion and assimilation not just on a physical level (though those of you who know me will be aware of my deep love of food) but also on a mental and emotional level, and speaks to me of the importance of finding balance in our yoga and our lives more generally.