Welcome! Somehow you have navigated your way to www.samanayoga.com – whether by design or accident. Now you are here, please take a few moments to take a look around. If you are new to yoga, you might find some preconceptions shattered and, even if you are an old yoga hand, you might find some new ideas.graham_yoga_5x3

Why “samanayoga”? First, please let me say that I am not trying to create a new style of yoga or give “my” yoga a name. What I teach is yoga, no more and no less, as I have learned it from my teachers and my own studies and experience over the years. But samana is a great Sanskrit word. First, when pronounced samAna (with the emphasis on the second syllable) it is one of the 5 main ways in which prana (life force, or energy) flows through our body. Located at our navel centre, samana is the centring energy flow, which governs digestion and assimilation not just on a physical level (though those of you who know me will be aware of my deep love of food) but also on a mental and emotional level.

Secondly, if you put the emphasis on the first “a” – sAmana – it can mean abundant, quiet or calm…. Thirdly, with equal emphasis on each of the three syllables, it can mean a festival or an embrace.

So… whichever way you pronounce it, it means something good!